A Lesson in Packing with Style

If you’re planning a business trip or vacation and want to pack with great style, read these tips on how to do just that. The first step is to choose a color palette, or range of colors, for your trip wardrobe. My suggestion is to go with neutrals (navy, black, cream, etc.) that can be accented with a pop of color. Use what you currently have in your closet as inspiration for your color palette. Do you have a few items that are the same color? If so, use that common color to pop against other neutral pieces. 

When you are on vacation, having your clothes in the same color palette makes getting dressed easier and allows different pieces to work together. For security reasons, only carry a few pieces of jewelry, preferably what you can wear everyday with the exception of a couple of fancy pieces for a special occasion. 

If you have a trip coming up, I’d love to know what colors you’ve chosen for your color palette. Safe travels!

Changing things up a little with Luzia T.

I wanted to try another look with Luzia that has grown popular due to it’s flattering, streamlined silhouette. The tunic blouse, skinny jean look has been dominating style blogs & Pinterest boards and I wanted to see if this was a good fit for Luzia. She has curves around her torso but slim legs so I wanted to balance her silhouette with this look by finding tops that were longer and pairing them with skinny pants. 
Now that we have collected several key pieces in her wardrobe, I’m looking forward to helping Luzia invest in pieces that take her style to the next level.