Makeup & Shoe Shopping with Luzia M.

I met Luzia at Ulta Beauty looking forward to picking out makeup at a cheaper price than department stores. There are so many makeup products in the market that it can be overwhelming to find the right makeup at the right price. I highly recommend as an aid in your decision making. The site offers great objective reviews regarding the chemistry of products and the effect on your skin. My acne-prone skin has been clear for the past couple of years as a result of this guide.

We next traveled to DSW to try to find sandals and/or comfy shoes for the last weeks of summer. Although we found some cute pairs, but none that were a favorite for Luzia. We were definitely surprised to see discounted mid-luxury purses like Michael Kors & Ralph Lauren. Definitely a place I’ll visit for great quality purses for my clients (& maybe myself).

Class Dismissed!


Shopping for Barbados with Lashon J.

Ok….I’m back! Here are pics of my recent shopping appointment with Lashon J. Lashon was excited to shop for her vacation to Barbados and was looking for items to help her relax in style.

We began our shopping excursion at The Gap to look for stylish clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for a beach location. I suggested to Lashon that we start with a basic color palette of neutrals with a pop of color as our guide. Her favorite color is purple so we went with that to accompany neutral colors black, white, gray. We had an awesome time shopping and found several items within her color palette. Saving 40% off on Lashon’s entire purchase was an added bonus.

We quickly ventured to Macy’s and then Dillard’s for the perfect sandals for Lashon’s trip. All in all we had another successful trip and Lashon left the appointment feeling ready to soak up the sun on her trip.

Until next time…Class dismissed!