Bridesmaid Style for Luzia M.

My appointment with Luzia involved dressing her as a bridesmaid for her friends’ wedding. I later took note of what she needed for her fall/winter wardrobe.

Luzia was wearing a beautiful blush pink gown and was looking to accessorize the dress. I encouraged her to wear the jewelry she wore for her wedding a year earlier. We settled on a pair of earrings and a bracelet. I really encouraged her to keep her look simple. Since she’s a bridesmaid, it’s best that she not overshadow the bride with too many accessories. A few sparkly baubles, a great blowout, simple makeup, and a mani-pedi is all she’ll need to compliment her gown and bouquet.

We next “closed out” her spring/summer wardrobe and reviewed her closet for fall/winter. I think it’s important to take note of what items you felt were missing from your current season’s wardrobe as the season is ending. That way you’re not having to remember six months later what items you need to add/replace.

I’m looking forward to shopping for new fall/winter pieces for Luzia’s wardrobe. Hopefully we’ll find some great pieces that will elevate her style.

Tell me…what items are you looking to purchase this fall/winter season?

Class Dismissed!!

Makeup & Shoe Shopping with Luzia M.

I met Luzia at Ulta Beauty looking forward to picking out makeup at a cheaper price than department stores. There are so many makeup products in the market that it can be overwhelming to find the right makeup at the right price. I highly recommend as an aid in your decision making. The site offers great objective reviews regarding the chemistry of products and the effect on your skin. My acne-prone skin has been clear for the past couple of years as a result of this guide.

We next traveled to DSW to try to find sandals and/or comfy shoes for the last weeks of summer. Although we found some cute pairs, but none that were a favorite for Luzia. We were definitely surprised to see discounted mid-luxury purses like Michael Kors & Ralph Lauren. Definitely a place I’ll visit for great quality purses for my clients (& maybe myself).

Class Dismissed!