Anatomy of an Outfit

I was so excited to see my client Luzia at her daughter’s birthday dinner dressed in clothes I bought for her. She looked beautiful and I hope she felt that way in her outfit.

 (blazer, JCrew; blouse, Banana Republic; pants, Gap; satchel, JCrew; necklace, Banana Republic; shoes, Luzia’s own)

Why does this outfit work? As mentioned in an earlier post, Luzia has curves around her torso and slim legs. I wanted to balance that look by finding blouses with a longer hem that mimic tunic dresses that she can pair with slim ankle pants. Luzia paired her cream blouse (and a cute pleated ruffle) with black and cream printed ankle pants. To add some structure to the look, she wore a black blazer and pointed toe flats (which elongated her legs). She finished the look with a gold statement necklace and a tan satchel.
When I saw Luzia she was beaming as if she was showing everyone her best self. Luzia even told me that one of her daughter’s friends said she wanted to dress like her. What a compliment!

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