Shopping for Curves with Rocio

My client Luzia treated her friend Rocio to a Shopping Appointment with me for her birthday. Rocio never buys clothes for herself and when she does, she tends to buy items in black or neutrals. Instantly I knew that this was going to be a trip where we would look for prints and colorful items that would pair nicely with her existing neutral pieces. 

After introductions and a few questions about her current lifestyle, we started shopping at Lane Bryant. Rocio has plus-sized curves so I wanted to shop in a store that had a variety of styles made just for her. While trying on the clothes we selected, I encouraged her to be fitted for a bra that would help create a structured foundation to her figure. Wearing the right-sized bra makes such a difference in how your clothes fit! While at Lane Bryant, Rocio purchased an airy white dress with a spring floral print and coordinating black belt. 

We then went to New York & Company to look for blouses and pants. I find that NY&CO has a great selection of pants that are in a large range of sizes (0-20) and hem lengths (petite, regular and tall). Their ankle pants fit great but the pair Rocio tried on had pockets that tended to gape open. I recommended that Rocio have the pockets of the pants sewn closed so that the pockets won’t gape and interrupt her streamlined silhouette. We settled on a bright turquoise pair of ankle pants and 3 blouses, and a long statement pendant necklace. 

Rocio left very excited about her purchases and I hope her enthusiasm for her new clothes continues to grow. It is a great feeling leaving a client satisfied with pieces that will help her have more of a starring role in her own life. 

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