Shopping for the Office with Lashon J.

Pics from a great shopping appointment with my client Lashon J. last week. We went shopping for work pumps and in 15 minutes bought 3 new pairs! We also checked out the new Scandal Collection at The Limited.

Our first stop was Dillard’s to check out their selection of work pumps. Lashon loved the Nine West black wedged pumps she bought from Macy’s a couple months ago so much, she had already worn them out and needed a replacement. Thankfully, Dillard’s had a Calvin Klein pair of wedged pumps in smooth black leather that Lashon purchased. Lashon also bought a pair of Calvin Klein pumps in brown and navy with a work-appropriate heel.

Next, we ventured to The Limited because Lashon was itching to check out their new collection inspired by the show Scandal. From what Lashon tried on, she walked away feeling like Olivia Pope with some new blouses and pants.

I particularly loved the “Scandal” black fitted ankle pants because they looked awesome on Lashon, although they were a step outside her comfort zone. There is something about a fitted ankle pant that best showcases a woman’s figure & femininity in a classy way.

What was a recent piece that you purchased that looks great on you but was a step outside your comfort zone?

Until next time…Class dismissed!


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