Shopping for Blouses with Luzia

During my shopping appointment with my client Luzia, we shopped for new wardrobe pieces for spring at Gap and LOFT. Luzia tried on a few blouses at Gap but was a little discouraged because the buttoned-down blouses tended to gape at the bust. 

I suggested to Luzia that she should have the placket (where the row of buttons and holes are located) sewn closed around the area where the fabric pulls at the bust. You can easily take your garment to your tailor or local cleaners and have this done at a low cost. However, this alteration works best for blouses that only slightly gape. That way, when the placket is sewn closed the fabric doesn’t pull to the point of tearing when worn. 

Luzia bought some cute ankle pants and a boyfriend cardigan from Gap and then headed to LOFT. From LOFT, Luzia purchased a pretty turquoise blouse.  

It’s always a pleasure to shop with Luzia. We’ve had fun transitioning her style to the next level!

A Capsule Wardrobe for Jamila K.

When shopping for Jamila, I wanted to find pieces that would work together as a group. Not knowing my client’s wardrobe, I went for classic pieces that were sophisticated with a personal flair.

To maximize the budget for this wardrobe, I shopped sales at Gap, Banana Republic, and DSW. I chose a fiery red dress, cream tie-neck blouse, a pink sweater, and black tuxedo ankle pants. I also took a risk and chose an army green pea coat with a black flocked floral pattern at the bottom. For shoes, I thought a green snake-skin print pump would be a classy but edgy touch as well as some nude suede booties.

If you could choose pieces for a capsule wardrobe for winter, what would you choose?


Shopping with New Client Funmi A.

I met Funmi at Old Navy to shop for a few things to wear during the last of summer. Because she is a new client, I wanted to find a few fun pieces (with a few basics) that I Funmi could incorporate into her existing wardrobe. At Old Navy we found several tops and a pair of skinny jeans that fit her very well.

Next, we ventured to Marshalls and picked out a few blouses and a curious navy pleated skirt to try on. As Funmi tried on these items (especially the skirt), I was able to see that she has a great proportionate figure and wears clothes so nicely! I encouraged her to buy the skirt along with a couple blouses that really accentuated her figure.

I believe Funmi left with some good buys that will transform her look. I enjoyed taking Funmi outside her comfort “style” zone during her appointment. I look forward to hearing how her new items are working for her.

Tell me – Was there ever a time you bought an article of clothing that was outside your comfort zone but grew to love it?

Until next time…Class dismissed!


Shopping for the Office with Lashon J.

Pics from a great shopping appointment with my client Lashon J. last week. We went shopping for work pumps and in 15 minutes bought 3 new pairs! We also checked out the new Scandal Collection at The Limited.

Our first stop was Dillard’s to check out their selection of work pumps. Lashon loved the Nine West black wedged pumps she bought from Macy’s a couple months ago so much, she had already worn them out and needed a replacement. Thankfully, Dillard’s had a Calvin Klein pair of wedged pumps in smooth black leather that Lashon purchased. Lashon also bought a pair of Calvin Klein pumps in brown and navy with a work-appropriate heel.

Next, we ventured to The Limited because Lashon was itching to check out their new collection inspired by the show Scandal. From what Lashon tried on, she walked away feeling like Olivia Pope with some new blouses and pants.

I particularly loved the “Scandal” black fitted ankle pants because they looked awesome on Lashon, although they were a step outside her comfort zone. There is something about a fitted ankle pant that best showcases a woman’s figure & femininity in a classy way.

What was a recent piece that you purchased that looks great on you but was a step outside your comfort zone?

Until next time…Class dismissed!


Shopping for Work Accessories with Danita K.

Here are a couple of pics from my shopping appointment a couple weeks ago with client Danita K. We were on the hunt for a work tote. We came across a couple we liked, but Danita wasn’t ready to commit and make the investment.

Our appointment started with shopping for pumps and flats for work. The selection for pumps and flats weren’t in abundance since most department stores have transitioned to “boot season”. After a great talk about what boots to look for in the coming months, we decided to look at work totes. We found 2 options, one by Ralph Lauren and another by Tory Burch. Although these work totes may have been more than what Danita was originally willing to pay, she finally understood that a quality tote will be a good investment piece that will last her for some time. I hope she decides to take the leap and purchase!

Tell me – what investment pieces have you recently splurged on?

Until next time…Class dismissed!


Suit Shopping with Lashon J.

I went suit shopping with my client Lashon J. last Saturday morning. We had a great time shopping for suits at Macy’s for her GE conference and looked at some “wish list” accessories as well.

I decided that a classic Calvin Klein suit was best because Macy’s sells suit separates in various colors (black, gray, navy, etc). I encouraged Lashon to purchase the gray suit (blazer, pants, & pencil skirt) due to the color’s versatility. Lashon liked the suit so much that she purchased another 3-piece in black along with blouses in purple & turquoise.

Next, we bought a classic pair of black pumps by Nine West to accompany her new suit as well as an Anne Klein watch that Lashon saw in a mailed ad.

Always on the quest for the perfect purse in Lashon’s favorite color (purple), we finally found her Holy Grail in the Coach department. If only it were on sale…

Until next time…Class dismissed!!