Luzia’s Brother’s Wedding in Brazil

I’m back blogging!! This post has taken forever for me to finish. Lol! Here are pics from my client Luzia’s brother’s wedding in Brazil last summer. I was tasked with helping her find the perfect gown, one that wouldn’t outshine the bride’s but enough to make a statement. Luzia is the big sister of the groom (Edimar at left) and was responsible for walking him down the aisle. We decided to go with this beautiful sequined gown by Adrianna Papell (found at Luzia then accessorized with Banana Republic jewelry from her own wedding. 

I usually don’t style men, but Luzia asked me what Edimar should wear. It wasn’t a traditional American wedding so everyone’s formalwear didn’t have to match a chosen color palette. I suggested what I think every man looks great in – a dark gray or charcoal suit. Paired with a white shirt, black tie, silver tie clip, and white handkerchief, this tailored outfit makes almost every man look put together. 

I really enjoyed styling Luzia for Edimar’s wedding. She looked gorgeous and more importantly looks like she felt that way too. 

Shopping with New Client Funmi A.

I met Funmi at Old Navy to shop for a few things to wear during the last of summer. Because she is a new client, I wanted to find a few fun pieces (with a few basics) that I Funmi could incorporate into her existing wardrobe. At Old Navy we found several tops and a pair of skinny jeans that fit her very well.

Next, we ventured to Marshalls and picked out a few blouses and a curious navy pleated skirt to try on. As Funmi tried on these items (especially the skirt), I was able to see that she has a great proportionate figure and wears clothes so nicely! I encouraged her to buy the skirt along with a couple blouses that really accentuated her figure.

I believe Funmi left with some good buys that will transform her look. I enjoyed taking Funmi outside her comfort “style” zone during her appointment. I look forward to hearing how her new items are working for her.

Tell me – Was there ever a time you bought an article of clothing that was outside your comfort zone but grew to love it?

Until next time…Class dismissed!