Shopping with New Client Funmi A.

I met Funmi at Old Navy to shop for a few things to wear during the last of summer. Because she is a new client, I wanted to find a few fun pieces (with a few basics) that I Funmi could incorporate into her existing wardrobe. At Old Navy we found several tops and a pair of skinny jeans that fit her very well.

Next, we ventured to Marshalls and picked out a few blouses and a curious navy pleated skirt to try on. As Funmi tried on these items (especially the skirt), I was able to see that she has a great proportionate figure and wears clothes so nicely! I encouraged her to buy the skirt along with a couple blouses that really accentuated her figure.

I believe Funmi left with some good buys that will transform her look. I enjoyed taking Funmi outside her comfort “style” zone during her appointment. I look forward to hearing how her new items are working for her.

Tell me – Was there ever a time you bought an article of clothing that was outside your comfort zone but grew to love it?

Until next time…Class dismissed!


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