Suit Shopping with Lashon J.

I went suit shopping with my client Lashon J. last Saturday morning. We had a great time shopping for suits at Macy’s for her GE conference and looked at some “wish list” accessories as well.

I decided that a classic Calvin Klein suit was best because Macy’s sells suit separates in various colors (black, gray, navy, etc). I encouraged Lashon to purchase the gray suit (blazer, pants, & pencil skirt) due to the color’s versatility. Lashon liked the suit so much that she purchased another 3-piece in black along with blouses in purple & turquoise.

Next, we bought a classic pair of black pumps by Nine West to accompany her new suit as well as an Anne Klein watch that Lashon saw in a mailed ad.

Always on the quest for the perfect purse in Lashon’s favorite color (purple), we finally found her Holy Grail in the Coach department. If only it were on sale…

Until next time…Class dismissed!!