Changing things up a little with Luzia T.

I wanted to try another look with Luzia that has grown popular due to it’s flattering, streamlined silhouette. The tunic blouse, skinny jean look has been dominating style blogs & Pinterest boards and I wanted to see if this was a good fit for Luzia. She has curves around her torso but slim legs so I wanted to balance her silhouette with this look by finding tops that were longer and pairing them with skinny pants. 
Now that we have collected several key pieces in her wardrobe, I’m looking forward to helping Luzia invest in pieces that take her style to the next level.

Anatomy of an Outfit

I recently had the opportunity to style my client Meredith Johnson for the UGA* Alumni Association Bulldog 100 event. The Bulldog 100 is a celebration of the top businesses owned by UGA alumni. Meredith is the AA’s Executive Director and is a prominent figure at the event. It was important for Meredith to look professional but feel stylish at the same time. Meredith would be on stage and photographed several times, so I wanted her outfit to be dynamic but not overdone.

Because Bulldog 100 is a professional event I first thought a blazer should be a part of the outfit. A blazer commands confidence and adds a balance of structure to a more feminine dress or skirt. I shopped for a blazer/blouse/skirt ensemble which would create an ideal silhouette for Meredith and would help hide any unwanted curves. Also, a three-piece ensemble would give Meredith more pieces to pair with items in her existing wardrobe.

(blazer, JCrew Factory; tie-neck blouse (similar), Banana Republic; polka-dot skirt, Kate Spade; Calvin Klein black patent leather pumps, Nordstrom; Phase 3 color block clutch, Nordstrom; earrings (similar), Banana Republic)

UGA’s school colors are red and black so I looked for those colors when shopping. Banana Republic had a beautiful red tie-neck blouse that was a perfect blend of a button-down shirt and a feminine neck tie. Next I found a beautiful¬†black and white polka-dot lace skirt from Kate Spade. With a classic black blazer from JCrew Factory her outfit was complete sans accessories. I bought Calvin Klein black patent leather pumps and a Phase 3 black/white color-block envelope clutch from Nordstrom that tied into the business theme of the event. Lastly, I bought a pair of pretty crystal studded earrings from Banana Republic that were more visually interesting than simple pearls.

Meredith was busy with the event and had no time to shop, so we handled everything online. I enjoyed working with Meredith and look forward to creating more looks for her in the future!

*University of Georgia

A Capsule Wardrobe for Jamila K.

When shopping for Jamila, I wanted to find pieces that would work together as a group. Not knowing my client’s wardrobe, I went for classic pieces that were sophisticated with a personal flair.

To maximize the budget for this wardrobe, I shopped sales at Gap, Banana Republic, and DSW. I chose a fiery red dress, cream tie-neck blouse, a pink sweater, and black tuxedo ankle pants. I also took a risk and chose an army green pea coat with a black flocked floral pattern at the bottom. For shoes, I thought a green snake-skin print pump would be a classy but edgy touch as well as some nude suede booties.

If you could choose pieces for a capsule wardrobe for winter, what would you choose?


Style Event with Luzia T.

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a style event for my client Luzia T. and about 10 of her friends. After eating some delicious treats and chatting for a while, we began our activity – creating style boards. I wanted the guests to design their own style board to help them gain some insight into their personal style. To prep for the activity, I gathered pre-cut magazine clippings, glue sticks, scissors, markers and poster boards. The guests used these materials to create boards that reflected their ideal style.

Once the activity was completed, I gave a brief presentation on style. I talked about defining your style, how to shop, how to edit your wardrobe, and dressing for special events. After the presentation, the guests asked me general style questions and we discussed the guests’ style boards.

This was a fun and exciting event and I hope to do more in the future! Luzia and her friends enjoyed getting together and learning more about defining their personal style.


Bridesmaid Style for Luzia M.

My appointment with Luzia involved dressing her as a bridesmaid for her friends’ wedding. I later took note of what she needed for her fall/winter wardrobe.

Luzia was wearing a beautiful blush pink gown and was looking to accessorize the dress. I encouraged her to wear the jewelry she wore for her wedding a year earlier. We settled on a pair of earrings and a bracelet. I really encouraged her to keep her look simple. Since she’s a bridesmaid, it’s best that she not overshadow the bride with too many accessories. A few sparkly baubles, a great blowout, simple makeup, and a mani-pedi is all she’ll need to compliment her gown and bouquet.

We next “closed out” her spring/summer wardrobe and reviewed her closet for fall/winter. I think it’s important to take note of what items you felt were missing from your current season’s wardrobe as the season is ending. That way you’re not having to remember six months later what items you need to add/replace.

I’m looking forward to shopping for new fall/winter pieces for Luzia’s wardrobe. Hopefully we’ll find some great pieces that will elevate her style.

Tell me…what items are you looking to purchase this fall/winter season?

Class Dismissed!!

Shopping with New Client Funmi A.

I met Funmi at Old Navy to shop for a few things to wear during the last of summer. Because she is a new client, I wanted to find a few fun pieces (with a few basics) that I Funmi could incorporate into her existing wardrobe. At Old Navy we found several tops and a pair of skinny jeans that fit her very well.

Next, we ventured to Marshalls and picked out a few blouses and a curious navy pleated skirt to try on. As Funmi tried on these items (especially the skirt), I was able to see that she has a great proportionate figure and wears clothes so nicely! I encouraged her to buy the skirt along with a couple blouses that really accentuated her figure.

I believe Funmi left with some good buys that will transform her look. I enjoyed taking Funmi outside her comfort “style” zone during her appointment. I look forward to hearing how her new items are working for her.

Tell me – Was there ever a time you bought an article of clothing that was outside your comfort zone but grew to love it?

Until next time…Class dismissed!


Makeup & Shoe Shopping with Luzia M.

I met Luzia at Ulta Beauty looking forward to picking out makeup at a cheaper price than department stores. There are so many makeup products in the market that it can be overwhelming to find the right makeup at the right price. I highly recommend as an aid in your decision making. The site offers great objective reviews regarding the chemistry of products and the effect on your skin. My acne-prone skin has been clear for the past couple of years as a result of this guide.

We next traveled to DSW to try to find sandals and/or comfy shoes for the last weeks of summer. Although we found some cute pairs, but none that were a favorite for Luzia. We were definitely surprised to see discounted mid-luxury purses like Michael Kors & Ralph Lauren. Definitely a place I’ll visit for great quality purses for my clients (& maybe myself).

Class Dismissed!


Shopping for Barbados with Lashon J.

Ok….I’m back! Here are pics of my recent shopping appointment with Lashon J. Lashon was excited to shop for her vacation to Barbados and was looking for items to help her relax in style.

We began our shopping excursion at The Gap to look for stylish clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for a beach location. I suggested to Lashon that we start with a basic color palette of neutrals with a pop of color as our guide. Her favorite color is purple so we went with that to accompany neutral colors black, white, gray. We had an awesome time shopping and found several items within her color palette. Saving 40% off on Lashon’s entire purchase was an added bonus.

We quickly ventured to Macy’s and then Dillard’s for the perfect sandals for Lashon’s trip. All in all we had another successful trip and Lashon left the appointment feeling ready to soak up the sun on her trip.

Until next time…Class dismissed!


Hand Creams!

So…one thing you should know about me is that I love hand creams. I’m talking about the small travel sizes you keep in your purse or desk drawer at work. I always have hand cream (or lotion) with me to apply after I wash my hands. Every sink in my house even has a bottle of lotion on the counter to fight the dry skin that creeps up after washing my hands. I would like to upgrade to better quality bottles of hand creams that speak to my style and personality.

I’m not one to be wasteful, so I’m currently trying to use up all the spare little bottles of lotion I have. With every empty bottle I toss, I become more excited because I move one step closer to investing in more stylish hand creams. Whose first on the list? L’Occitane en Provence. I have recently fallen in love with the Mediterranean company’s lovely vintage-packaged hand creams. At $12 for 1oz (or $10 each if you buy in bulk), I anxiously wait to coat my hands in their luxurious hand creams infused with Shea butter and other emollients that will keep my hands smooth well into the winter months.

That’s all for now. I would love to hear your comments on what brands of hand creams/lotions you enjoy.

Until next time…Class dismissed!!